Aeon Gift Ware Key Chain

Crafted from New Zealand swamp Kauri 40,000 years in the making. Available in different designs


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Aquarius Jewellery

Available in multiple a very wide range of designs. There also broches, earrings and necklaces.

From $11.00 - $40.00

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Artearoa Postcard and Cards

Stunning postcards of a wide range that depict the beauty of New Zealand.

From $1.20 - $6.00

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Beachcomber Earrings

Available in different colours.


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Fingerless Gloves

Marketing Scarf

Made in New Zealand from NZ Super Fine Merino. 1 size fits all.

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Blue Planet Glasses

Available in different designs and colours.

From $60.00 - $70.00

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Stylish Bamboo watches that are available in dark and light-coloured bamboo.



Cool tote bags available in different colours.


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Carved Heartwood Pendant

Beautiful laser cut wooden pendants made in Christchurch from timber reclaimed from earthquake damaged buildings.


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Re-usable cups available in a variety of designs, available in two sizes

$ 17.00 / cup (ml)
$ 18.00 / cup (ml)

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DQ & Co

A burst of colour that holds the pride of Aotearoa in every stitch and small detail.

Available is scarves, cards, neck pillows and more.

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DX Mail Stamps

Our very own range of Hamilton stamps.

Single Stamp: $2.40

Strip Stamps (5): $12.00

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Earth Energies

Rescue Essence

Use for emergencies: Shock, Fear and trauma, Immediate everyday situations, Calms and gives courage.
Infusion of Organic Kawakawa, Flax, Koromiko, Manono, Rata, Kauri & Silver Pumice in Spring Water with 25% Brandy Alcohol


Bug Spray

Our Insect Repellent is all natural, with Almond Oil, Spring Water, 5% Alcohol & Blended Essential Oils.



Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is the Ultimate Mineral Supplement & Antioxidant.


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Whether it’s the frozen winter us kiwis endure or the scorcher of a summer we have, Hallifax keeps us warm and stylish. T-shirts, hats and drink bottles available.

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Hansen & Berry

Hold the memories of New Zealand in your hearts, but also in your hands with Hansen.

Tea towels, pillows, and spatulas in store.

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Kiwicraft Necklace & Jewellery

From $15.00 - $25.00

From $30.00 - $45.00

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Koru Knitwear

Feel a touch of nostalgia with the warmth of knitted items that bring back the memories of long ago. We offer hats, scarves, and gloves.  

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Moana RD

A taste of Kiwiana that lives in all Kiwis, captured and tamed by Moana Rd and the exceptional products produced.

Wallets, hats, jandals and more in store.

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Nannie Goat Soap

Available in different scents also available lip balm products


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Nichola Te Kiri

From $10.00 - $50.00

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New Zealand Nature Bird Bookmark

Cool bookmarks featuring New Zealand native birds along with Paua designs.


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Peace of Pounamu

A natural beauty forged in the depths of Aotearoa and brought forth to be enhanced by the hands of skilled craftsman.
Unique and individual pieces vary.


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Post cards

Comes in a wide range of different locations from around beautiful Aotearoa $1.20 each or 5 for $5.00


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Pure Wild Hand Creams

Just in- Pure Wild natural hand cream, 100% Natural Fragrance, NO harmful chemicals, NO parabens, NO animal testing.

From $8.00 - $10.00

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Southern Skies Magnets

Hamilton and Waitomo Caves 


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Sweetree Raw Honey

Sweetree honey is pure, unblended honey from the Waikato. 
Each of our honeys are a true reflection of the area and season our bees have worked their magic. They are made by Bees from Horsham Downs Country, Hakarimata, Marokopa Spring and Kirikiriroa. Giving each honey jar its unique colour. 

$18.00 (500g)
$13.00 (250g)

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Unique Kiwi crafted items, that come in an array of colours and designs to brighten up anybody’s day. 

From Tea Towels to Christmas ornaments and much more in store.

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Earrings  $18.00

Necklace  $22.00
Available in multiple colours and ranges.

Key Chain


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Available in different styles.
From $20.00 - $45.00


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Nurtured in the heart of the Waikato, this Estate exudes elegance and a brilliance which flows through into their delicious tea.

Available in different flavours and either lose or in bags. 

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